Nov 11, 2021

Hollywood Versus the Axis

The Film Industry's Response to World War II

Sonny Bunch
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Sonny Bunch interviews with entertainment industry insiders.
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On this week's episode, Sonny is joined by Christian Blauvelt, author of Hollywood Victory: The Movies, Stars, and Stories of World War II. From the pre-war skittishness of the big studios about alienating German markets—and potentially alienating an isolationist domestic audience, pre-Pearl Harbor—to the wartime efforts to raise funds and produce works of art that inspired Americans to resist the fascist menace, Christian's book tells a wide-ranging and fascinating story. Sonny and Christian talked about Jimmy Stewart’s service, Walt Disney and Orson Welles’s South American excursions, Charlie Chaplin and Frank Capra’s response to Triumph of the Will, and much more! If you enjoy this episode pick up a copy of Christian’s book—it’s a beautiful hardcover with lots of color pictures and would make a great Christmas gift—and share this podcast with a friend!